Hypnosis Pricing

Clinical Sports Hypnosis is the leading Hypnotherapy Clinic in Sydney for sports hypnosis. Clinical Sports Hypnosis utilises the latest hypnosis techniques, obtained from Australian and American tuition, to help you achieve your sporting goals whatever the sport and whatever your age. We adapt each session to be personalised for the client.

Clinical Sports Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind to remove mental blocks and limiting beliefs. This allows the athlete to become more confident, obtain true self belief and to learn to be in the moment during competition so as to enter ‘the zone’ quicker and easier.

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1 Session 4 Session Program
Sports Hypnosis $180 $660
Under 18 (any session) $160 $560
Online Sports Hypnosis $180
Online Sports Hypnosis (under 18) $160
Hypnosis for Weight Loss $660
Hypnosis for Anxiety $660
Hypnosis for Trouble Sleeping $180 $660
Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking $330
Sports Hypnosis Presentation By arrangement
Elite Athlete 6 month program By appointment
Elite Athlete 12 month program By appointment

Note: A session is 1 hour, online sessions are 50mins.