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There is an old saying that you always find your keys in the last place that you look.

Imagine discovering this wasn’t the case.

What if you continued to look and discovered that the keys you are looking for are actually still to be found. Similar to the belief for so many years that the world was flat. Once the limiting belief of accepting what was being told was removed, people kept looking and discovered that the world is actually round.

"Champions aren’t made in the gym. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them…a desire, dream, a vision. They have to have last-minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have skill and the will. But, the will has to be stronger than the skill."

Mohammed Ali

Hypnosis for Sports

  • Have you hit a plateau in your sport?
  • Are you sabotaging your result?
  • Not achieving your goals?
  • Suffering pain through injury?
  • Fear of failure?

Hypnosis has been used in sports for many years to help athletes to overcome such things as fear of failure or fear of success. Athletes have often talked about being in ‘the zone’ and the feeling of total focus and control whilst they are in the zone. Imagine being able to get yourself into this state at will, and to be able to perform at your highest.

In order to obtain a new result, you need to change the way you think. It is not unusual for an athlete to be very black and white in their thinking and therefore have an all or nothing attitude in many aspects of their lives. As such Athletes can suffer from things like binge drinking and or gambling. Hypnosis can assist in breaking these addictive patterns by assisting the athlete to think of the future and not just the here and now.

Hypnosis for Life

  • Is anxiety holding you back?
  • Lacking motivation?
  • Tired of smoking?
  • Ready to lose that extra weight?
  • Having trouble sleeping?

Hypnotherapy can be up to 80% affective when used for stopping smoking. This is one of the highest success rates of any method. At Clinical Sports Hypnosis we also give you extra tools to take away to assist you in stopping smoking for good.

Hypnotherapy is also used with great success in assisting people in losing weight. Hypnosis is utilised to change eating patterns and to increase motivation to move more and to exercise in order to help burn off the unwanted weight.

Hypnosis is an extremely relaxing state to be in. By changing your sleep hygiene and night time routines, hypnosis can assist in aiding you to sleep comfortably and completely the entire night through so you can wake fully refreshed and alert and ready for the day ahead.

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