Sports Hypnosis can help fear of failure

Helping athletes to overcome such things as fear of failure or fear of success

Sporting performances can be affected by so many external factors like what is occurring in an athlete’s personal life at the time ie Family, relationships, drinking, and gambling. These are just a few of the things that athletes may be dealing with whilst trying to perform at their peak. Hypnosis can be used for more than just assisting athletes’ on-field performance. By using hypnosis to clear external factors from an athlete’s mind, the athlete is able to perform by concentrating on their chosen sport free of external distractions.

We understand the emotional journey athletes must take to achieve their goals.

We know the expectation that is placed upon them by their chosen sport, their coaches, their family, and, of course, the adoring but often fickle fans.

We also understand that many athletes while externally balanced and physically fit, are often hiding the real challenges that are limiting their beliefs, causing them anxiety, depression, and a genuine fear of failure.

So how do we begin to develop the essential balance between a healthy body and a healthy mind?

Through sports hypnosis, we seek to support and manage the emotional journey that comes with high-level sport and create people that have clarity of mind and self-belief and self-confidence are able to face, with certainty, the challenges both sporting and personal in their lives.

We do this through the modality of hypnotherapy.

A practical look at sports hypnosis

Hypnosis in sports has moved well beyond skepticism and into proven practice. It has become an essential tool in the armory of coaches in positioning and preparing athletes for success both on and off the field.

Hypnosis does for the athlete’s mind what physical activity does for the athlete’s body.

We engage in sports hypnosis to relax and align the athlete’s mind to improve (often dramatically) sporting performance. We help athletes attain relaxation during practice and competition as well as helping to control anxiety and manage stress.

We also help athletes identify and develop skills where they can quickly attune their minds to achieve optimal performance levels on call.

Our experience with sports hypnosis has identified an amazing array of benefits that have helped athletes handle personal (internal and external) challenges that would otherwise have negatively impacted their sports and personal lives.

Some of the sporting benefits include:

  • Helping to reinforce established sporting goals
  • Aiding athletes to better handle nervousness
  • Contributing to relaxation
  • Facilitating stress management
  • Increasing concentration

  • Providing the ability to eliminate distractions
  • Assisting in controlling pain
  • Increasing performance motivation
  • Improving bodily awareness

So what are the first steps to mental success?

Sporting performance can be impacted by a seemingly endless array of external factors. Setting aside the demands and expectations of the chosen sport, personal factors such as family and relationships and addictive behaviors such as drinking, drugs, or gambling – can not only be distracting but ultimately destructive.

How can an athlete be expected to perform and perform at their peak when any or all of these are at play?

With sports hypnosis, we not only address the sporting issues and move beyond sporting performance, but create bridges (or neural pathways) to help them mentally manage other areas of their lives.

By using hypnosis to clear the negative clutter from an athlete’s mind, they are able to not only perform at their best but become balanced people in their off-field lives.

Hypnosis for Mental training for sports

Developing mental resilience allows athletes to identify and manage mind turbulence beyond the hypnosis couch.

Negative thoughts are common but we help train you to ‘manage these thoughts’ into positive outcomes. We train your mind to immediately recognise and eliminate these thoughts before they begin to impact performance.

Hypnosis for Mental training for sports is a process we engage to develop self-mastery and motivation through mental rehearsal, progressive muscle relaxation, visualisation and feedback.

Sports Hypnosis Success Stories

At the age of 13, Tiger Woods started to use hypnosis and mental training. Phil Mickelson also sought assistance with his mental game and use of hypnotherapy.

A sports hypnotist was used to cure Australian Gold Medalist Steve Hookers’ fears in pole vaulting in the 2008 Beijing Games.

In 1973 Ken Norton used hypnosis to defeat Muhammed Ali. Ken was a 7-1 underdog in that fight. Ali began using hypnosis soon after.